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2023 Babe Ruth World Series

Jamestown, New York

WJTN, Jamestown is the flagship radio station of the Babe Ruth World Series and features the following play-by-play coverage.

Two Balls, One Puck

Bills | Sabres | Yankees

By Tommy Gerace

Two Balls, One Puck is a local WNY podcast talking and covering all things related to the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, and New York Yankees. Brothers Jacob, Joey, and Tommy Gerace love talking about their favorite sports teams, and try to have a little fun while doing it! Hot takes, insight, recaps, and more, all from a local perspective. From the casual fan to the diehard, Two Balls, One Puck is a must-listen!

The Times of Your LIfe

WJTN's Saturday Morning Conversation Show

By Media One Group

Andrew Hill and Russ Diethrick love their weekly conversation with fascinating people who have amazing stories to share with our radio audience! From entertainers, artists, musicians and teachers to tourists, kids, authors and athletes their radio program is presented so that anyone will be entertained by listening! The program is supported by LENA'S PIZZA AND RAYNOR'S LIQUOR STORE!

High School Sports Coverage


Miss a broadcast? We have the archived play-by-play coverage available for you to listen to!

The Anew Center Podcast

Salvation Army, Jamestown, New York

By The Salvation Army Anew Center, Jamestown, NY

The Anew Center Podcast provides information to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. For information on case management, children & family outreach program, prevention education, and advocacy tune in each month for this program!

Community Spotlight

Local Public Affairs Radio Program

By Terry Frank

The Community Spotlight Local Public Affairs Program airs on all six of the Media One Radio Group radio stations. The Chautauqua County Executive appears the first week of each month and City of Jamestown Mayor appears the second week of each month. The other weeks of the month feature a variety of community leaders and special guests. The program airs on the following stations at the following times: WJTN - Saturday at 8:45 A.M. | WWSE - Sunday at 7:00 A.M. | WHUG & WKSN - Sunday at 6:30 A.M. | WQFX - Sunday at 5:30 A.M. | WKZA - Sunday at 6:00 A.M..

High School Bowl

The Academic Competition

By Dennis Webster

This local, non-sports, scholastically competitive event for students has been airing since 1960 (the longest running academically centered competition in the country) and reaches teachers, parents, relatives and radio listeners across NY and PA. High School Bowl airs Saturday’s from 11-Noon on WJTN and Sunday’s from 7-8am on WWSE from November through May.

Combat Addiction Public Service Campaign

A HRSA Rural Communities Opioid Response Grant Initiative

By Andrew Hill

Media One Radio Group and Chautauqua County Department of Mental Hygiene are featuring a series of informational pieces, regarding the initiative to combat the current increase in overdose fatalities we experiencing in Chautauqua County.

Local News, Information and Features

Interviews and Special Radio Features

By Andrew Hill

Once in awhile we have a special interview or audio feature we would like to share with our audience (that is a little longer than we can play on-air) so we share it here!